EM13c – MOS Connection with Proxy

Setup Proxy-Configuration with 3rd-Party Certificates on OEM to connect to MyOracleSupport (MOS)

EM13c – Install (13.3) EM-Agent manually

Introduction To deploy the EM-Agent to the targets (push) you need ssh-access from the OMS-Host to the Monitoring-Host. For security reasons, some security admins disallow ssh-connections to the server. In this case you need to install the EM-Agent manually on the target-system. The installation process for the EM-Agent is done within a few steps. Downloading … EM13c – Install (13.3) EM-Agent manually weiterlesen

Gather historic information about table size and row count

Often the support need to know which tables are growing fast and which are stable. Out of the Box, Oracle don't provide such a statistic on object level. Classic monitoring tools collect this information only on the database-, tablespace- and datafile-level, but not on object level. A small script helps you to answer this question … Gather historic information about table size and row count weiterlesen

EM13c – Console Zertifikat erstellen (3rd-Party)

Allgemein Step-by-Step Anleitung für das Einbinden eines SSL-Zertifikates (SAN) für die OMS Console auf einer AIX-Plattform. Die verwendeten Tools (wie OpenSSL) sind jedoch Plattformunabhängig nutzbar. Step-by-Step OpenSSL-ConfigFile erstellen reg.conf CSR und neuer Private-Key erstellen Die Schlüssellänge von 2048 Bit ist zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt völlig ausreichend. Dazu kommt noch, dass nicht jeder Browser 4096 Bit lange Schlüssel … EM13c – Console Zertifikat erstellen (3rd-Party) weiterlesen