EM13c – Install (13.3) EM-Agent manually


To deploy the EM-Agent to the targets (push) you need ssh-access from the OMS-Host to the Monitoring-Host. For security reasons, some security admins disallow ssh-connections to the server. In this case you need to install the EM-Agent manually on the target-system.

The installation process for the EM-Agent is done within a few steps.

Downloading agent on oms server

emcli login -username=sysman
emcli sync
emcli get_supported_platforms
emcli get_agentimage -destination=/tmp/agentinstaller \
-platform="Linux x86-64" -version=""

Copy the Agent to the client

scp -r TARGETHOST.gabrielkeusen.com:/tmp/agentinstaller /tmp/
unzip /tmp/agentinstaller/

Get the required connection-details from OMS config

execute on OMS-Host:

$> emctl status oms -details

Install the  EM-Agent on the target-system and add internal targets

# as application user  (oracle)
mkdir -p /tmp/agentinstaller/$(hostname)
/tmp/agentinstaller/agentDeploy.sh \
-force -ignorePrereqs -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc  \
AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u00/app/oracle/product/agent13c \
AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/u00/app/oracle/product/agent13c/agent_inst \
OMS_HOST=oms.gabrielkeusen.com \
ORACLE_HOSTNAME=$(hostname) \
SCRATCHPATH=/tmp/agentinstaller/$(hostname -s)

# as root user

# as application user (oracle)
emctl start agent
emctl config agent addinternaltargets
emctl status agent

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